Three things I bet You Didn’t Know About Tyre Sealants

things you don't know about tyre sealants

Sometimes changing a tyre simply isn’t an option right away. We’re all aware that you can keep a can of tyre sealant in the boot in order to allow you to limp the car to a garage and have the tyre repaired or replaced. Many of us will also be tempted to drive on that hastily repaired tyre until something worse happens… but this isn’t an article explaining why that is a terrible idea. It is an article explaining 3 things you probably didn’t already know about tyre sealants:

1. Not all tyre sealants are created equal.

The little aerosol cans of tyre sealant you can buy at the garage or the hardware store aren’t meant for long term repairs, as we mentioned above. However, you can easily get a very different product which is intended for long term use. It’s called Tyre Defence+. And we’ll tell you more about it at the end.

2. You can add Tyre Defence+ tyre sealant before you ever get a puncture

In fact, that’s the way it was designed. It isn’t a ‘quick and dirty repair’. Tyre Defence+ is a tyre damage treatment and flat tyre prevention system. When added to the inside of your tyre or inner tube (depending on the type of vehicle you have), Tyre Defence+ gets to work coating the inside surface of the rubber, strengthening it and filling any tiny cracks, slow leaks or micro punctures you may have, even before you become aware of them. 

If you do get a serious puncture, the material quickly fills the hole and sets, preventing full deflation of the tyre. In fact, most users don’t even know they’ve had a puncture until much later.

3. Some of the world’s biggest vehicle fleets use Tyre Defence+

Why? Well, no one likes a flat tyre. But the main reason is because Tyre Defence+ massively reduces their expense and upkeep costs, and reduces their vehicle downtime. Fleet managers know that saving time means saving money, and with thousands of vehicles to look after every day (and many thousands of hard-working tyres), they are quick to take advantage of anything which can make tyres last monger on the road, and avoid the inconvenience of having to repair a flat in the field.

How can I get some of that Tyre Defence+?

Multimax Direct retails the Tyre Defence+ complete tyre safety system. It is an entirely unique product unlike any of the other tyre sealants on the market today. Not only does it permanently seal tyre punctures, it works into the rubber of the tyre itself to extend its useful life.

Tyre Defence+ has not been duplicated, and due to the special equipment and expertise needed to produce it, it probably never will be. We are proud to offer four grades of Tyre Defence+ sealant, each specially formulated to meet the needs of high performance car tyres, heavy duty lorry tyres, extra heavy duty plant and farm equipment tyres and bicycle tyres.