Brand Guarantee

Brand Gold Standard

Here at Multimax Direct, we pride ourselves on making sure all our items are brand guaranteed straight from the manufacturers. Our products are sourced directly from the many companies we feature both on the online shop and face to face sales. Some of these many product lines include; Sealey, Rustung, US Pro, Bergen and Verwerk.

Shopping online With the likes of Ebay and Amazon can be a mine field. As sellers products are not always the genuine article. With us that is never a problem with our Gold Standard Brand Guarantee.

For example all Sealey products are covered by a 1- year parts and labour guarantee. All Premier and Siegen Hand Tools are covered by a no-quibble lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. This lifetime warranty also covers individual items within sets. Excludes TRX-Star* T40 bits, breaker bar knuckles, drill bits, cutting blades and taps and dies. Sealey ask for a registration in order to offer this lifetime guarantee. If you hold onto your product receipt to ensure the item was purchased through Multimax Direct we will personally replace the item , providing we still supply the product.

Multimax Direct are also sole traders of the products produced by Rustung. As we have been selected as Brand ambassadors for such products Multimax offer a personal guarantee that covers wear and tear on the branded items. Many of these items include Cutting discs and drill pieces.

Multimax Brand Guarantee

Here at Multimax we pledge to support and maintain our customer satisfaction as we believe brand guarantee ensures such security. By creating a support system for both customer and consumers we are enabling assurance in creating and maintaining product satisfaction. This is across all of our products.

If for any reason you have identified an issue with one of the products purchased through Multimax, we have an impeccable customer service team ready to solve your queries. Or if for example you are unaware of policies regarding faulty or damaged items we will be on hand to help resolve such queries.

You can contact our team either through Email or Via our phone line.

Phone lines are open 9-6 Monday – Friday and 9-3 pm at weekends.