Tyre Defence+

Have you ever felt left deflated when getting a puncture? Save Time and money with Tyre Defence+!

Multimax Direct is a Distributor of Tyre Defence+, a tyre safety system that is outstanding at permanently sealing punctures and a true tyre life extender. The complexity of the formula, the proprietary polymers processed in-house and the high tech chemically engineered processing equipment required for manufacturing such a product means that no other company has yet managed to duplicate, or get close to what we have accomplished. With the knowledge achieved developing our high speed product we have managed to achieve unbelievable success with our low speed extra heavy duty grade which is outperforming everything else by huge margins.

Tyres are expensive. Dealing with punctures, doubly so.

No matter whether you have a single personal vehicle or bicycle or maintain a fleet of cars, commercial vehicles or heavy construction equipment, a great deal of your most expensive regular costs probably have something to do with tyres. A flat out on the road can cause a long delay at best, and at worst can cause an accident or a missed deadline. Getting the puncture repaired is time consuming. Worse, it is not all that less expensive than replacement, and you have to wonder if you’re left with a tyre which is really still reliable.

Prevent punctures before they happen!

Well, what if we told you that you could prevent flats before they happen, and dramatically extend the working life of just amount any kind of tyre which holds air? (No, we don’t do wagons or wheely bins – yet.) Multimax Direct is a Distributor of Tyre Defence+, a tyre safety system that not only permanently seals punctures, but actually extends the life of your tyres.

Tyre Defence+ is literally unique.

The proprietary blend of UltrasealTM polymers is blended in-house to the highest specifications, and no knock-off brand has the high-tech equipment it would take to duplicate Tyre Defence+, even if that were legal. In fact, none of the knock-offs even come close to matching Tyre Defence+’s amazing performance.

Choose the Tyre Defence+ product that is right for your vehicle, and the way you use it.

There are in fact 4 grades of Tyre Defence+, each designed to give the ideal performance profile for a different type of vehicle.

High Performance

This was the first Tyre Defence+ product, and in many ways still the brand’s flagship. It is designed for high speed, high performance road tyres, and is just as suitable for a single private vehicle as it is for a fleet of rental cars, taxies or other light road vehicles. It is specially blended to extend the life of high-performance tyres, and to coat the entire inner surface of the tyre without all running towards the centre line at the highest speeds and under the most intense centrifugal forces.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Tyre Defence+ was designed for hard working tyres that tend to travel at more moderate speeds – lorries, delivery vans and other fleet vehicles. It has a different chemical make-up, and is ideally suited to the kind of long distance, high intensity driving that commercial vehicles put in.

Extra Heavy Duty

Extra Heavy Duty Tyre Defence+ was designed for the big boys – farm equipment, construction and plant hire vehicles, and other big, rugged tyres doing the heaviest kind of work and turning at the lowest speeds. Its polymer mix is optimised for even coating, providing a thick, heavy internal seal over the entire inner surface of the largest vehicle tyres.

Cycle Grade

Cycle Grade Tyre Defence+ is designed to work with the smallest, lightest tyres – those on bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. Imagine never carrying a patch kit again, just waiting a few seconds for the Tyre Defence+ liquid to do its work, pumping your tyre back up and riding off.

Want to see for yourself? Give us a call. We install Tyre Defence+ at your home or place of business, and we might be able to arrange a demonstration. Call us at +44 (0) 1935 310298 to learn more!

What does Tyre Defence+ actually do?

Tyre Defence+ is a long-lasting liquid tyre sealant. We apply the unique UltrasealTM polymer gel to the inside of the tyres through the inflation valve, and it forms a long-lasting seal along the entire inner surface of the tyre. If anything ever does puncture the tyre, even the smallest pinprick, the Tyre Defence+ polymer gel is forced into the puncture by the tyre’s own air pressure.

From there the UltrasealTM begins its real work, stopping the leak before too much air is lost and permanently sealing the puncture, chemically bonding to the rubber in the presence of outside air. Only the largest punctures – large enough to do severe damage to the tyre itself – will actually cause a ‘flat tyre’ anymore.

The best part is that most of the time, you’ll never know there ever was a puncture unless you inspect the tyre in detail. Many mechanics have reported pulling large objects out of the tyres – up to the size of joiner’s nails – and watching in fascination as the UltrasealTM polymer gel which had been keeping the tyre inflated around the foreign object quickly re-seals the tyre all over again. All they need to do is keep the tyre at its recommended pressure, and Tyre Defence+ does the rest!

What is Tyre Defence+ made of?

Well, the lawyers have advised us not to say “We could tell you, but we’d have to kill you”. Really, though, it is a secret, proprietary formula. It relies on a unique chemical nanotechnology process to create the unique UltrasealTM polymer gel.

The polymer gel has the extraordinary ability to cling tyre rubber under all conditions, at rest and at speeds in excess of 250 kph. The seals it creates have incredible elastic properties, enabling them to stretch and flex at even the highest speeds. The unique polymer gel is one of Tyre Defence+’s most closely guarded trade secrets.

After a decade of development and exhaustive testing, Tyre Defence+ is an amazing product which achieves all of its design goals. It relies on 21st century polymers, chemically modified from the best and most responsibly sourced raw materials using cutting edge equipment. The proprietary process was developed exclusively in the UK, and Tyre Defence+ manufacture this permanent puncture prevention treatment themselves.

What makes Tyre Defence+ the market leader that it is?

There is no one thing. PunctureSeal’s success is a result of the company’s overall commitment to excellence. They not only offer an excellent product, they provide consumer friendly packaging, informative point of sale material, full support and the best equipment on the market today.

Multimax Direct retails Tyre Defence+ in various quantities, including 20L tubs. To see Tyre Defence+ Reviews Click Here.

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