Over 30 years in Agricultural supplies.

A New Beginning with Agricultural supplies

Every story has a beginning and ours starts with the companies managing directors grandfather. He started agricultural supplies, selling farm gates back in the 70’s, from the depths of Cornwall into the heart of South Wales. Eventually after supplying the agricultural industry for many years, he spotted a gap in the automotive industry.

In the 1980’s workshop’s and garage didn’t have the choice that is in today’s current market. Like now the benchmark tools were snap-on however they came at a hefty cost. So realising that tools could be sourced for less without any compromise on quality started direct selling to garages, workshops and farms throughout the South West of England and South Wales.

Building Relationships and a Family Affair

After building up a large round of regulars, the next few years would seem to fly by. Then in the early 1990’s his son decided to get on board, also being from a sales background this was familiar ground. With father and son both supplying tools and consumables, one decided to stick to workshop and garages while the other dedicated his time to agricultural supplies.

Then roughly around 96′ the family business went international and started to deal with Bulk orders.

The generations of Agricultural supplies

Finally the third generation came along and started to show interest in the family business. Working with his father and grand father started to learn the ‘tools’ of the trade and gain first hand experience of the consumable supply chain.

Then one summer when father went on holiday and son had to run the business, the realisation that running a business wasn’t so hard. After the holiday a quick word with father about branching out and Shortly after Multimax Direct was born.

Taking agricultural supplies to the next level

The mission statement of Multimax Direct is too supply tools and consumables to the agricultural industry. While crossing over into plant machinery and commercial vehicle supplies. Our aim is to provide a services both online and offline to each industry seamlessly providing the best service throughout each industry.

Take your tools and consumables to the next level