How to have a workshop to be proud of


Knowing that you can do just about anything in your workshop is one thing, but having it look like the kind of place that can achieve miracles is something else entirely. Here, we present a step-by-step guide to making your workshop one anyone could be proud of.

Get those tools organised

A tidy, organised set of tools helps you work faster, clean up faster, and stay a little saner when the pressure is really on. In general, keep all tools of the same type together. If you can’t provide a separate chest for the mechanic, wood working and decorator’s tools, at least put them in different drawers.

Store your tools properly

You need proper storage before you can actually get organised, though. A workshop you can really be proud of needs good, solid shelves, cabinets, tool, chests and maybe even a pegboard or two. The biggest question is between cabinets (everything hidden away tidily) or open shelving, so you can see where it all is instantly.

Buy a really good shop-vac

The best designed vacuum cleaner for the home simply won’t cut it in a workshop. Metal filings, liquid spills, massive amounts of sawdust – the workshop can produce a lot of mess that could choke or damage most home vacuums. Get yourself a high quality one with a HEPA filter.

Clean the tools themselves regularly

The best tools in the world will fail you eventually if you let them get rusty and grimy. Most had tools can eb cleaned easily with a clean rag and some mineral spirits. That will remove (wet) paint, residues and most glues easily. Metal tools will also benefit from a brief spritz of WD-40 or the equivalent, then a light rub-down.

Power tools may require a bit more careful work, but the good news is that most of them have cleaning guides in their manuals. If not, at least be sure to remove any batteries or power cables before you clean them, and to get all the dust and grit out of the crannies.

Keep track of your inventory

It is easy to lose track of all the tools, attachments and accessories you have, and even harder to remember what you broke last week and need to replace before the next job rolls in. Keeping a running inventory is a great way to avoid problems, and reduce the expense of duplicate buying. This can be achieve with having a great workshop supplier.

Stay well stocked with high quality workshop supplies and consumables

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