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Fed up with the constant disc-changing cycle?

Most farmers have experienced using cutting discs that don’t last, meaning multiple discs need to be used for one job. Constant disc-changing isn’t only intensely frustrating, it also leads to downtime – even more so if you have to source a new supply too.

We can end this cycle. Download our free guide on what 10 things to look for when buying and using abrasive wheels.

Are you cutting in the most-cost effective and efficient way? And the safest?

When cutting discs don’t last, stopping in the middle of a job throws you off kilt, doesn’t it? Nothing more bothersome than being prevented from being productive as the tool you need isn’t operating efficiently. It is counter-productive in so many ways; time and money being just two. There’s the crucial safety aspect. When abrasive wheels under-perform, they can be dangerous; even life threatening. No one wants this.

Then there’s the changing of discs when changing the material that’s being cut. Most cutting discs on the market are designed for use on steel or stainless steel, meaning:

  • they clog when used on aluminium
  • are generally not effective on PVC
  • they can’t cut concrete and will shatter
  • their shelf life is around 20% shorter than that of a high-performance machine

Introducing the Rustung all-in-one cutting disc

Following extensive research, Rustung has produced a multi purpose cutting disc that will cut:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Even Concrete
  • And lasting 20% longer.

All of this and it’s designed to last 20% longer than other budget cutting discs on the market – that’s a sustainable one fifth longer shelf life; a huge saving over the course of the year and environmentally friendlier too. Its multipurpose disc doesn’t need to be changed for different materials, meaning those jobs can flow seamlessly; you can move swiftly from one to another, saving time and money and increasing productively and safety levels. When used correctly, this cutting disc can be relied upon not to shatter or crack, meaning complete peace of mind.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers say…

“After using the Rustung Disc, We won’t Use any other Disc”.

– Roger Cann, Exeter

“The cutting disc save time and money and last longer than other discs”.

- Julian Groves, Chepstow

“We were on the look out for a cutting disc that also cut aluminium, Rustung Discs deliver”.

– Kidner, Bath

We’ve even cut the price as an introductory offer

Our offer applies to both the 115m or 4 1/2″ and the 230mm or 9″ cutting disc. We sell the smaller range in packs of 10 pieces or boxes of 50 pieces and the larger range in packs of 10 pieces or boxes of 30 pieces. If larger quantities are required, we can arrange this at a bulk order discount.

Shall we get productive?

So, ready to switch from that budget cutting disc that can crack, split and spin off – a potential safety hazard? The one that isn’t sustainable?

Sold on this safer, greener, more efficient high-performance disc with added longevity that will cut through most surfaces with ease?