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Are you a mechanic? Ever experienced buying a new jack? It can be tricky, can’t it?

Save needless effort, time and money. We have the answer. Look at our tailor-made selection of jacks.

The Minefield

If you have ever had the experience of buying a new jack, you’ll already know that it can be troublesome if you’re unsure of the exact type you’re going to need. Capacity, usage, saddle size and jacking height all matter. So, where to start?

Whether you’re a mechanic by trade, a serious hobbyist or even an amateur racing driver, we can make it easy for you. As jack types vary so much, we thought we’d help by developing a free comprehensive downloadable guide.

Saving Time and Money

Once you know what you need – the types of features your new jack must have – you’ll already have saved yourself valuable time. And you can spend more wisely too – in accordance with your needs.

As a mechanic, if a jack you’ve been using breaks down and needs replacing quickly, this can have a huge knock-on effect as the cars you’ve booked in begin to build up. And of course, time is money. Then, there’s the customer service side of things. No one wants unhappy customers.

That includes us! Hence our useful guide.

Good Advice

Our solution involves cherry picking the best jack from each range; refining your search, again saving you time and effectively money. We’ve cut your research time by meticulously and objectively looking through our supplies and selecting what we know to be the most cost-effective and reliable jacks on the market; safeguarding you from any potential pitfalls.

Whilst on the all-important subject of safeguarding, our entire range of jacks comply with British Standard regulations; essential for this type of equipment.

We strongly advocate Sealey jacks, having worked with the company for almost 10 years. Sealey is renowned for its jacks as they were its first product line. The business’ sales and after sales services are simply outstanding. And its massive range of jacks suit most needs. We have selected a handful that make a fantastic upgrade to any workshop.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers say…

“The process of picking a Jack was made so simple and would definitely recommend”.

Michael Taylor, Yeovil

“We had been looking for a jack for a while and were paralysed with the amount of choice the market and reading the Multimax Guide and looking through the selection it made the decision easy”.

John Maddock, Barnstaple

“We were unsure on a bottle jack or floor jack Multimax helped us choose, Thank you”.

Mr Stilgoe, Banbury

Ready to ratchet things up a notch or two?

So, you’ve seen the testimonials. Once you’ve looked through our downloadable jacks guide and you’re better informed, what better time than now to take a look at what it is you need? Our selection includes all types of jacks, trolley jack kits and extras.

Take advantage

Why not take advantage of our hard work and commitment in bringing you the very best that Sealey has to offer you? Save time and money today. Click the link to find your perfect jack.