Multimax Direct is a Distributor of PunctureSafe, a tyre safety system that is outstanding at permanently sealing punctures and a true tyre life extender. The complexity of the formula, the proprietary polymers processed in-house and the high tech chemically engineered processing equipment required for manufacturing such a product means that no other company has yet managed to duplicate, or get close to what we have accomplished. With the knowledge achieved developing our high speed product we have managed to achieve unbelievable success with our low speed extra heavy duty grade which is outperforming everything else by huge margins.

PunctureSafe manufacture 4 different grades which are packaged comprehensively for all markets. It has been the combination of an excellent product, consumer friendly packaging, informative point of sale material, and full back-up support and equipment that has given us so much success.

After a decade of development and exhaustive testing we successfully managed to achieve all our goals. With 21st century polymers, modified by ourselves from selectively chosen raw materials and cutting edge chemistry, in a proprietary process developed exclusively in the UK, PunctureSafe now manufacture a premier high performance high speed permanent puncture prevention treatment. The most challenging part of formulating for high speed vehicles was to incorporate the ability of the sealant to thinly cover more of the the inner tyre “with increasing speed” instead of being driven by centrifugal forces in a very narrow band down the centre of the inner tread area. Using “chemical nanotechnology”, we invented a polymer gel that we trademarked “FlexxaGel™” that had an extraordinary ability to cling to rubber under all conditions, even at speeds of 250 kph. Incorporation of FlexxaGel™ into the process also gave the finished sealant incredible elastic properties enabling it to stretch and flex at the higher speeds. FlexxaGel™ is exclusively manufactured at our facility and is one of our most closely guarded trade secrets.

Multimax Direct retail PunctureSafe in varies quantities, mainly in 20L tubs. To see PunctureSafe Reviews Click Here.
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